There Are Some Beautiful Decorative Bird Cages

I promised to give some important info on buying Decorative Bird Cages, so here we go.

There are some absolutely beautiful Decorative Bird Cages available.  You can get styles from Brownstones, Casbah, Cape Cod, Decorative Scrollwork , Victorian and many more styles.  But, you need to still keep in mind that all other requirements are still there for your bird.

Your cage still needs to have a grill and a removable tray for cleaning.  You want to look for things such as Locks, Bar Spacing, Your Birds Wing Span, Feeders, and all of the normal due diligence you would do for any cage. Make sure that you check to see what the Decorative Bird Cages are made of and that they are lead and zinc free and that there is plenty of space for their comfort.

If you are going to have more than one bird in your cage, you can still have a smaller cage like the Brownstone or Casbah or something similar.  These styles and the Decorative Scrolls have the smaller spacing between the bars so you won’t need to worry about them getting caught between them.  Just make sure there is plenty of room inside the cage for them and that they can freely move about.


For the larger birds like the McCaws the Decorative Bird Cages need to be larger like one of the Large Royalty Cages.  These cages have locks that are needed to keep your bird from being able to escape and the spacing on these cages are farther apart.

You should try picking Decorative Bird Cages that will add elegance to your home and blend with your life style.  If you have a Stylish Victorian home, then you probably want to have something like a Featherstone Heights Victorian bird cage so it will blend and add elegance to your surroundings.

You can find Decorative Bird Cages with an Oriental flare or give the atmosphere of the Casbah.

Whatever your style is, you can most likely find Decorative Bird Cages that will meet or exceed what you are looking for.  I really couldn’t find any real cons, so I think it really comes down to personal preference.  Good luck with finding the perfect cage that makes both you and your bird smile.