The curly hair dog – always let their owner pleased as it will not shed and make their house full of fur. This is a great advantage for the one who has the allergyproblems. However, the curly hair will often make their hair twisted. This will lead to the matted coat will make you angry.

This isreally a big trouble for any pet lover who wants to keep their dog appearance in good condition. Meanwhile grooming this coat will not an easy task since grooming the curly hair is really challenging. This thing always a difficulty, it also a big question for their owner to figure out the answer.


What is the curly hair?

Curly coat or wavy coat is one of the six most common type of coat that dog usually have. The curly coat just like its name will have that identity. Also, that type of coat will very thick. It is the combination of very soft hair which is close to the body.

If that description can not help you to find out or recognize the coat type of your dog.You might not be sure about that, know the breed of dog will help you. Some dog has this coat Poodle, BichonFrise; you can compare the coat of your dog to that one. If they look quite similar, then your dog actually have acurly coat.


This type of coat need regular brushing

You should know that brushing will support you to have the smooth grooming. It will reduce the twisted hair that can slow your process. It, by the way, will make sure your dog skin will not be hurt or have the irritation while you groom through the matted area.

For the wavy dog, you will need more than one brush to handle the twisted of your dog. A comb will be one of the necessary equipment for you. You should comb your dog’s hair first before using the brush. By doing that, you will recognize the area need more care as the comb is stuck in there.

The slicker brush is the thing you will have to own if your dog has a wavy coat. The slickerworks great as it will reduce the time you need to brush the dog’s coat. With many teeth, it will surf through the hair and make sure there is no tangle left.

The flea brush is another thing you should have as it will help you to comb the small are like the legs of the dog. This brush is small, so you can easy move it in the tight area. By presently using those brush, you can decline the dead hair and pave the way for the grooming.


Bath for the dog

Bath your pet is an optional choice, but by bathing for your dog, the dirt and other things stuck in the hair of your dog will be washed away.You also can brush the coat once again while blowing them with the air-dry. This will make the coat ready to be groomed.

After brush and dry your dog, you can clip their coat quite similar to the other dog. You just need to take step to step and make sure there no mistake occurs. If your dog does not look nice for the first time, do not worry, wait for the six weeks after that, you can correct it.


Along with the method, you can make your grooming task easier by finding the best dog grooming clippers for curly hair. Try to take the advice from your friends, groomers or the dog lover club; they might help you to care for your dog.