How to Choose Hearing Protection

One of the most important parts of our senses is our hearing. Thanks to it, we can earn a living, communicate, as well as warns us of danger and provides pleasure. So, there is no reason why we don’t protect our hearing. Your ears may be damaged by sudden loud noises. So, consider hearing protection to reduce our exposure to dangerous noise. This article will help you learn how to choose hearing protection.

Understand Ratings and Uses

Familiarize with Noise Reduction Ratings

You may not know this is the standard rating system when it comes to hearing protection devices. These devices are divided by their potential to limit decibels. The Noise Reduction Ratings are determined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration as well as the American National Standards. Thanks to this system, you can understand more about the noise you have to be exposed to. It’s easy to read the NRR on the back of the hearing protection box you chose.

Determine how long you need hearing protection

It’s not easy to choose hearing protection for users. It’s important to know the job you need to do. At the same time, determine the source of the noise. Also, don’t forget to know how long you need to protect your hearing. By this way, you will get the necessary information to choose a type of protection. For instance, if you have to work with a loud drill or jackhammer for a long period of time, it’s best to choose earplugs for this case. But, if you have to be exposed to noise intermittently, think about choosing earmuffs.

Consult your employer

You can determine the type of noise you will have to work with thanks to your employer. Then, you can ask them to buy the appropriate protection. You need to determine the safe noise level exposures from your employer. If not, you can also consult online resources, including OSHA. Also, it’s a good idea to choose hearing protection devices online. Many manufacturers offer you extensive informational resources in order to help you find the proper protection for your job.

Consult a hearing specialist

If you want to get useful information about the preventative measures that can help to protect your ears, you should consult a hearing specialist. It’s important to see a specialist because your ears can be damaged by high volumes of noise. In addition, you should also see your doctor to get more recommendations on hearing specialists.

Choose the suitable Type of Hearing protection

Try disposable earplugs

They are made of a foam-like substance. So, they are suitable for all single-use applications. You can use disposable earplugs once you have to expose to sound. But, you won’t have any intention of using them after one use.

Use pre-molded reusable earplugs

These devices normally are made of plastic, silicone, or rubber. They are available in sizes: small, medium, and large. They are cheaper than others. Especially, you can reuse them. So, you can easily carry them on hot days or compact spaces. But, keep in mind you need to look for a different size plug for each ear because they are not similar.

Use canal caps or hearing bands

They are convenient choices for you. They can be pre-molded or formable earplugs. Many users choose them because of their seal of an earplug. Moreover, it still ensures to retain the convenience of earmuffs. They allow you to hang around your neck when you needn’t use.

Try earmuffs

They promise to give you more uniform use. These devices are available in many models. They are designed for most individuals. They have various sizes to fit around your ear. You can find three main designs when it comes to earmuffs. But many users are disappointed when using them because of your large beard, glasses, or sideburns.

Try wearing both earplugs and earmuffs

By this way, you can get extra hearing protection. This is essential when you have to work in a particularly loud environment.

Look for Protection for Specific Activities

Use earplugs for a concert

You may have to suffer from a painful dB range for rock concerts. It’s best to choose earmuffs because of their small and concealable design. Remember to carry a pair of disposable earplugs if you have to take part in a concert in case volumes reach painful levels. They can help to prevent you from the noise levels you are suffering from.

Try earmuffs or canal caps for tools as well as operating machines

Machines and tools can offer high levels of noise. So, it’s best to prepare earmuffs when working in these environments. We recommend you to use canal caps. They allow you to remove and re-insert your hearing protection more easily.

Use earplugs for loud public environments

Once you have to work in loud public environments, it’s essential to carry a pair of disposable earplugs. Though a consistent protection maybe not necessary, you should have a pair of earplugs. They are great for you when you have to face the harmful noise levels.