When you are going to shave dog’s coat by yourself, you will try to imitate the groomer. Try to find the best dog grooming clippers professional use and learn their skill. Those things to make sure that you can do grooming task well.

Nevertheless, there is a dilemma you will have to face. Between the cord and cordless model, which one should you choose. This is a hard question for you and might take you a lot of time to think about it. If you have not found the answer, you can let this post to help you.

The cord grooming clipper

  • Both cord and cordless product have it own advantage and limitation. For the cord clipper, the fist thing will lose the versatility. When using the cord one, you will not move or change from side to side as easy as the other one.
  • The length of the wire will decide where you can reach to. In another word, if the wire is too short, you will feel very inconvenient to reach to the dog. Though the wire is too long; you might have the problem while trying to deal with the knot.
  • Using cord one means that you only use it near the electricity socket. It means the spot you want to groom will need the socket to supply the current for the grooming clipper. Sometimes, you will need to lengthen the wire or stick to the wall where you can plug your device.
  • It also harder for you to shave the tighter area. It will take your more effort to finish in that spot. However, its blade length can be changed which give you more convenience to handle the hair in a different spot. For spots like private area, changing the blade will be very necessary.
  • With this one, you will not need to worry about the battery or the device will shut down unexpectedly. You will not worry about the power; it will not slow down or eventually wear out of battery. Always remain strong is one pros of cord model.

The cordless model

  • The big disadvantage of the clipper is the battery. The battery will soon wear out if you use it too much. If you have a big dog and thick matted hair. That dog will soon kill the battery of your cordless model. Or even worse, you will have to stop as it runs out of the current.
  • The battery’s life will not last so long. Depend on the brand of the clipper, your dog and how often you use it; the battery will be dead. If your dog has a thick coat, your clipper will have to work more than usual. So it will make your battery die soon.
  • The cordless one, it will hard for you to change the length of the blade, this will ask you to be more careful. Especially when grooming in the area that the hair is short and easy for you to cause the hurt for your pet. For some more detail visit crittersitca – dog clippers.
  • But it will easy for you to move through your dog body. You will not need to struggle with the tight area. The cordless one also has more mobility that you will never have to handle the knot or have the problem with the long wire.
  • For the grammar, they will own both ones as it necessary for their work, they need to maintain the clipper’s battery as well the strength of the clipper. But for you, you should need to find what is exactly you need. The size of your dog, the density of the hair will be the factor for you to choose the best dog grooming clipper to buy