Interested in volunteering? That’s fantastic! We have several different jobs, depending on what you would like to do:


Greeter - present a friendly face so that newcomers feel welcome and at ease, answer basic questions, and help members find their footing on AY. Being the new person in a community of strangers can be intimidating, and it’s greeters’ job to break the ice and make the integration as seamless as possible. If you love to meet new people and show them around, this job is for you! Click here to read the job description and apply

Mentor - provide advice, discipleship, and general support as needed or requested. Mentors offer a nonprofessional helping hand to encourage someone through a hard time, give spiritual counsel, or simply listen. Mentoring requires a certain level of maturity to handle other people’s problems, but it can be satisfying to watch people grow and know that you contributed. Click here to read the job description and apply

Moderator - enforce forum rules and address disruptive behavior affecting the community. It is the moderator’s job to keep the forum safe from personal attacks and other misconduct. Moderating is serious business and requires objectivity to counteract personal bias, but many find it fulfilling to successfully protect forum members. Click here to read the job description and apply 

Tech - handle the nuts and bolts of building, remodeling, fixing, and maintaining the Anointed Youth website. Without technical support there wouldn’t be a website! Application coming soon - let us know you’re interested

Consultant - gives feedback, thoughts, and opinions of various AY-related matters and decisions. Sometimes we need someone to bounce things off of or to provide a fresh perspective of things. Anyone is welcome to provide their suggestions using the “contact us” form, but consultants are actively sought for their feedback and may become highly involved in staff matters. Application coming soon - let us know you’re interested

Graphic design - Where would we be without Graphic designers to make our site interesting? If you enjoy creating graphics or doing site design work, let us know.

Please note: Mentors, moderators, and some advanced positions in other roles will be asked to provide personal details. This includes address, phone number, and the contact information of at least one emergency contact. We do this to make sure you are who you say you are and so we can check up on your wellbeing if you unexpectedly drop away for a while. Some staff are not required to fill out this information since their job includes less sensitive matters. If you’re uncomfortable providing this information we completely understand and recommend you apply for a job that does not require it