Anointed Youth is committed to protecting your privacy while you use our site. We do not sell or rent identifiable personal information regarding our members to any third party. Any information that you give to us is held with the utmost care and security.





SPAM - Anointed Youth does not send unwanted email, spam, or other items of abuse. If you feel you have received unwanted information from Anointed Youth please contact our webmaster so we can investigate and resolve the problem as quickly as possible.


Forum - Posts on the Anointed Youth forum are public to anyone browsing the internet, except in certain areas we've specified otherwise. Profile account information is not public. Forum private messages are normally visible only to the sender and recipient(s), however in cases of suspected misconduct may be viewed by staff.


Personal info - When you submit any kind of content to Anointed Youth, your email address, IP address, and other personal information will be visible to certain volunteers on staff and no one else. This is to ensure that we can contact you and may also be used for moderation purposes. Staff may share your personal information amongst themselves as part of fulfilling their various duties. Only the minimum amount of personal information necessary to properly serve those using the Anointed Youth website is shared between volunteers. Note: In compliance with COPPA, any personally identifying information known to be from someone aged 12 or under will be immediately deleted from our records. See our COPPA page for more details.


Well being - If the staff on Anointed Youth grow concerned that something may have happened to you, we may use any identifying information you've submitted to Anointed Youth to attempt to find out whether or not you're okay. We may also use this information to involve the proper authorities if you've given us reason to suspect you may harm yourself or others.


Tracking - Anointed Youth uses tracking software to collect and analyze traffic on our site. This information helps us understand the interests of our members and guests, and it also helps us to track problems and make improvements to our web site. We don't use it for any other purpose beyond those specified here.




Occasionally, a legal process may require Anointed Youth to release personal information to the appropriate authorities. In these cases, the mandate supersedes all other restrictions outlined in this policy.