If you require urgent help dealing with a serious problem, please do not continue reading this post but call the emergency services in your area or a professional helpline. Common helpline phone numbers can be found here.


Do you find yourself troubled by something? Have you had an argument with a friend? Facing difficulties at home? Struggling to forgive yourself or someone else? Unsure about your faith or salvation? Wanting encouragement?

We all know that life can be tough sometimes and we often don’t know who to ask for advice and support. It doesn’t matter what you’re struggling with -- whether big or small -- here at AY we care about each other and are here to help you. If you’re looking for some advice or just some encouragement, you have three options:

certain terms and conditions.)

1) Post publicly in Forum Advice & Encouragement Board

Would you like to have any Anointed Youth forum member able to assist you and encourage you? If so, then our public advice and encouragement board is the place for you! On this board, you can start a new post and any member will be able to see your post, reply, and help you. Most people use this option.  You will need to join the AY forums to post here.

2) Post privately in Forum Confidential Advice & Encouragement

If you don’t want the entire board to see your question but wish to have advice given by a few people then our confidential advice board is the perfect perfect option for you! Here, your question can be posted and the only people who can see and reply to your post will be the members of the AY mentoring team.  You will need to join the AY forums to post here.

3) 1-on-1 Mentoring -- Receive advice via email

If you would like to receive advice via email, then AY now has that option. Our volunteer mentors are now available to communicate with people via email, providing you agree to the terms and conditions in the link above. If you would like to receive advice or prayer from our mentoring team, please complete and fill out the following form:
Important: Anointed Youth (and the AY mentors) is not a professional counselling service. Instead, we are simply are simply a group of teenagers and young adults with hearts who love God and who would be overjoyed to offer help, encouragement, opinions, advice and prayer. However, if what you are facing requires help beyond what we, as brothers and sisters in Christ, as able to provide, then please find someone in your local community who will be able to assist you (youth pastor, teacher, terapist, parents).