What is COPPA?

COPPA stands for "Children's Online Privacy Protection Act". This law was put into place to protect children under 13. The primary way it does this is by regulating the online collection and use of personally identifying information provided by and concerning those under 13. To read the actual text of COPPA visit: http://www.coppa.org/

Anointed Youth and COPPA

Anointed Youth is focused on reaching teenagers and young adults, and therefore does not involve itself with COPPA regulations. Occasionally, someone 12 or younger lets us know they'd like to participate interactively, but they need to wait until their 13th birthday before that's possible. We understand it can seem like an eternity, but you'll get there!


We do not knowingly allow our forums or mentoring services to be used by children under 13. However, we are not responsible for a child lying about their age. If you are aware that your young child is using our services and would like their account terminated, please contact our webmaster: 

webmaster at anointedyouth dot org 

You may also be interested in reading our Privacy Policy.