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Anointed Youth Ministries is a Christian not-for-profit endeavor to support teens and young adults who want to know God more deeply or for the first time. With a strong emphasis on community, our programs include public and private forums, non professional counseling services, and a variety of resources.

Our mission: 
To support those who want Christ with opportunities to discover Him.


The concept for Anointed Youth was formed in 2002 by Ta'wanna (Tia), and in February 2003 we launched with a simple site explaining about Jesus. As people came, the ministries exploded with regular devotionals, articles, penpals, chatroom, peer counseling, and an active forum with thousands of members! Monthly newsletters kept everyone informed of the latest.minecraft games Countless lives were touched by the time they spent here and the people they met.

By 2009 it became clear the primary community of teens had outgrown the forum and many moved on, while the website began to fall into disrepair.watch tv freeA handful of volunteers kept the site running and bills were paid, but year by year there was less activity and more things broken. 2012 saw Tia facing the possibility of Anointed Youth dissolving entirely.

That's when a small band of long time members and staff began to discuss future plans for the site and felt that God wasn't finished with His work here yet stickman games. As Tia stepped back to focus on other worthy causes, ownership of AY was officially passed to Heidi (screename: Damaris) as 2012 came to a close. Several months of hard work culminated in a celebration of AY's 10th anniversary with a reunion in February 2013.


Looking forward...
192168.1.1 In the next few years, we expect to see growth in countless teens and young adults as we focus on meeting the needs of specific age groups, individuals, and the community as a whole. We envision a safe atmosphere where anyone seeking Christ feels welcome and edified by their experience here. We also plan to incorporate as a registered 503(c) nonprofit organization, and are excited about expanding our ministries to fulfill various unmet needs in the lives of young people today.192168.2.1